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Cargo Express Worldwide transportation with ING company

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Cargo Express Worldwide transportation with ING company

About Us

Finex Global Express offers on-time, guaranteed delivery across USA and Europe, and around the world. Dynamic flight-linking and computer tracking of your document or parcel is how we do it!. FREE PICK-UP! For our regular customers, a telephone call brings a Soniry Cargo Express Worldwide Line agent to your home or office to pick up your documents or parcels. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Delivery times vary from two to five days, depending on destination and potential flight delays/disruptions.

Our Team

Hannah Pisano

Manager 1

Justo congue

HR manager

Kimberly Kraljevic

Manager 2

Brian Stone

Manager 3

Why choose us?

Reliable Customer service

Customer service is here read to respond to any inquiries you have

Weather Insurance

With our National and International networks we are able to provide a top class cross docking service that can deliver both.

Fast safe service

Bariox Lines Same-day offers guaranteed delivery of urgent and important items, seven days a week, almost anywhere in the UK

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